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The Wilderness Society: Reviving the Magic

Victoria Park Wilderness is a small group, a part of the Wilderness Society, consisting of passionate young people dedicated to the protection and restoration of our natural landscape.

We joined Stephanie from the Wilderness Society during their February meeting of the Wilderness Society which was held in one of the Conference Rooms at Perron Place.

Stephanie and her team chose Perron Place to be their community meeting place because of its similar connection to not-for-profits (NFPs) and commitment to supporting Guide Dogs WA, VisAbility and Kites Children’s Therapy.

Inside the meeting, we got to peek behind the curtain of the wonderful things they are doing and how they plan on making a difference.

The team discussed campaign plans for their next venture. The conversation was about the position of the group as they approach the upcoming campaign and the artistic direction for the team.

Cardboard and paint were brought out to get the ball rolling in the way of design. The room was a kaleidoscope of colour by the end of the meeting with members of the team eating pizza in between brainstorms.

“… the space is really great because it’s accessible and I also find the room with the tech and the big screen – it really helps when we have zoom meetings and also it’s very user friendly.” Stephanie Says.

We offer a variety of different spaces for hire, depending on your requirements or type of event.

Stephanie goes on to say her favourite part of the building would have to be the corridor of Labradors. Our friends at Guide Dogs WA decorate the halls of Perron Place with beautiful portraits of graduate Guide Dogs and their owners, adding heart and soul to the building.

“The future of the Victoria Park Wilderness Group looks like an enlivened group of community members that are really active and take a stand on their democratic rights, specifically when it has to do with the environment.”

The group’s purpose it to put pressure on their local, state and federal Governments to make changes in legislation and processes to improve the environment and make a difference for a better, greener future.

Stephanie has always been an advocate for the environment and having grown up in a place so negatively affected by plastic pollution, she is passionate about making a change to revive the “magic” of our beautiful planet.

To learn more about what the team at The Wilderness Society or to get involved, visit (link opens in new window) or check out their Facebook page @TheWildernessSocietyWA.

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